The Investor Base for Biotech Companies Has Greatly Expanded During the Pandemic, Increasing The Potential Impact of Investor Relations Campaigns in this Sector

A New Era For Biotechs

For biotech companies seeking to access capital through substantive investor relations campaigns, we are living in an era of unprecedented opportunity.

The COVID pandemic has cultivated and broadened investor interest in biotech, pharmaceutical and health care companies.

Early-stage ventures in these areas that may have previously only been able to conduct road shows with a very small, niche group are now finding themselves speaking to an entirely new audience. 

What once seemed to be a completely foreign subject matter has gone mainstream.

The concept of investing in treatments, devices and prevention for disease has become more pragmatic to the investment community at large.

To gage the overall increase in investor interest in this sector, all one has to do is look to the performance of public equities in biotech over the pandemic period. 

Between January 2020 and January 2021, the average share price for European and US biotechs increased at more than twice the rate of the S&P 500, and Chinese biotechs performed more than six times better, with their average share price more than doubling in a year.

We believe this surge in investor interest will continue as media coverage of the COVID pandemic (and future variants) will continue to spawn a broader, more educated investor base.


A Shift In Investor Relations For The Biotech Sector

With the biotech sector now pushed to the forefront in the mainstream media, investor relations campaigns for biotech companies can now reach a broader audience and achieve more sustained investor engagement.

Press releases in this sector are receiving more views, social media posts are reaching farther, and even direct investor email campaigns are experiencing more traction.

As a biotech company, this is a unique moment in time.  The opportunity to increase shareholder value and raise new capital is there for the taking through strategically structured investor relations campaigns.

Developing an IR Campaign That Resonates in the Biotech Sector

Biotech companies that are able to draw a correlation between their business model and already trending topics tend to realize the greatest result from their investor relations campaigns.

Below are five key trends in the biotech sector that currently have built in investor interest.

1. Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine has garnered significant interest within the biotech industry over the last several years. 

With personalized biotechnology, medical professionals can now analyze an individual’s genetics to identify medical risks. Doctors can now also develop unique, tailor-made health solutions as part of an ordinary course of treatment. 

If your company is engaged in any aspect of personalized medicine – we can help you tap in to existing investor interest in this topic.

2. Drug Research

The process of conducting drug research is going through a massive transformation due to technological innovation.

Traditionally, the process of conducting drug research faced two major challenges.  First, it could be difficult to get enough participants for trials. And second, once a test group was assembled, it could take years or even decades to complete trials. 

Machine learning technology is changing this.  Research that used to take years can now be completed in as little as a day in some cases.

If your company is engaged in any aspect of drug research – we can help you tap in to existing investor interest in this topic.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Investors are aggressively seeking ways to fund AI within the biotech sector.

To date, biotech companies have deployed AI to streamline operational processes. For example, AI has been used to identify biomarkers that have applications for the development of drugs and diagnostics. AI algorithms have also been used to detect traits of human diseases. Other applications of artificial intelligence in biotech are constantly being developed.

If your company is engaged in any aspect of artificial intelligence within the biotech sector – we can help you tap in to existing investor interest in this topic.

4. Big Data

Innovation in “big data” has created new growth opportunities in biotech.

One challenge that has historically faced the healthcare sector is the storage and management of electronic medical records. The US Government is currently investing nearly $20 billion to increase the adoption of electronic records in the healthcare industry. As patient information is moved into a central electronic directory, the industry will have a massive pool of data that will be able to be used to improve diagnoses and treatments.

Ultimately, “big data” will be able to improve clinical trial recruitment, help researchers understand newly encountered microbes, and help scientists develop better treatments.  The ability to store and quickly process “big data” is already being shown to be transformative for the healthcare and biotech sectors.

If your company is engaged in the aggregation or analysis of data within the biotech sector – we can help you tap in to existing investor interest in this topic.

5. Synthetic Biology

Investors expect significant growth in the years ahead in the area of synthetic biology.

Synthetic biology can apply to several industries, including agriculture, healthcare, and electronics.

Twist Bioscience, for example, manufacturers synthetic DNA that can be applied to silicon chips. This technology allows firms to store DNA for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). NGS profiles the genetics of various populations to help uncover the cause of diseases and streamline drug discovery.

If your company is engaged in synthetic biology, either as a developer or user of this technology, we can help you tap in to existing investor interest in this topic.

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