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Companies In This Sector Must Communicate How They Are Combatting Challenges Associated With Globalization and the Shrinking Labor Market

Investors Are Expecting Business Services Companies To Double Down On Automation

Business services companies seeking to attract new capital and support the market for their stock face an immediate need to communicate how they plan to address globalization and changing labor markets.

In the coming years, investors will be seeking greater insight from business services companies on how they plan grow their customer base and maintain margins in spite of what appear very challenging macro-level headwinds.

Shifting environmental regulations, global politics, foreign currency dynamics and a shrinking labor market are all placing pressure on the business services industry.  And those companies that find a way to leverage these challenges to their advantage will have the greatest opportunity to attract capital.

A Shift In Investor Relations For The Business Services Sector

The potential for business services companies to more effectively acquire customers and expand margins through the use of new technology has created renewed investor interest in select companies in this sector.

Press releases touting how companies are aggregating data, social media posts documenting how companies are automating new functions, and commercials that broadcast new initiatives for social change are resonating with the investment community.

As a business services company, disruption can be positioned as a gift.  The opportunity to increase shareholder value and raise new capital is there for those companies that can effectively tell their story through thoughtfully planned investor relations campaigns.

Developing an IR Campaign That Resonates in the Business Services Sector

Business services companies that are able to draw a correlation between their business model and already trending topics tend to realize the greatest results from their investor relations campaigns.

Below are three key trends in the business services sector that currently have built in investor interest.

1. Automation and AI

Applications for artificial intelligence within the business services sector have garnered significant attention over the last several years.

Moving forward, accelerating digitalization is expected to have further impact on the business services industry. And companies that embrace AI  will ultimately end up being the most competitive. The use of artificial intelligence, including machine learning, is expected to enable simpler and faster processes, automation of back-end tasks and real-time data interpretation.

If your company is engaged in any aspect of AI within the business services space – we can help you tap in to existing investor interest in this topic.

2. Personalized Offers

Advances in technology have made the effective use of personalized offers more feasible, and investors in the business services sector have taken notice.

In the years ahead, machine learning is expected to allow for even more personalized and more relevant offers in both business and consumer contexts. Determining trends in data and offering better tailored services in accordance with individual needs will likely improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty. Personalization is expected to lead to fewer follow up inquiries, making both the sales process and general operations more efficient.

If your company has implemented or plans to implement “personalized offers” to sell business services– we can help you tap in to existing investor interest in this topic.

3. Value-based business models

Business services investors are keying in on companies that are investing for the long-term to deliver sustained customer value. Investors believe that these companies will lead the charge out of the current period of disruption.

We are already seeing that the low barriers of entry in the business services industry and rising competition levels are requiring companies to switch towards value-based business models. Customers of businesses with value-based models are expected to show higher loyalty and brand recognition, positively impacting revenues.

If your company has implemented or plans to implement a “value-based business model” to sell business services– we can help you tap in to existing investor interest in this topic.

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