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The CPG Industry Is Transforming and Brands Must Now Clearly Communicate Their Values to Consumers and Investors to Compete

A Period of Technological and Social Disruption for the CPG Sector

As technology continues to disrupt the Consumer Packaged Goods (“CPG”) sector, CPG companies are finding it more necessary than ever to reevaluate how they do business. 

Companies that once only sold through traditional distribution channels are now trying their hand at selling Direct To Consumer (“DTC”). Legacy stalwarts are launching new brands. And retailers that have historically been nothing but channel partners are launching their own competing product lines.

Amidst all of this turmoil, CPG companies are being forced to clearly communicate their brand values to customers and shareholders in order to succeed.

Investors Are Now Seeking A Stance on Social Issues

Today’s investors are following consumers when it comes to demanding a higher standard of corporate integrity from CPG brands.

Specifically, investors have become keen to the fact that, at any given time, a large percentage of consumers are capable of switching brands based on a company’s environmental standards, product ingredient transparency, or operational transparency.  

In some cases, consumers have even rewarded CPG companies that have taken a public stance on social issues without changing the way that their products are actually made.

For example, Nike’s decision to continue sponsoring Colin Kaepernick after the NFL dropped him for “taking a knee” to protest police brutality during the national anthem resulted in an increase in Nike sales, and a corresponding increase in Nike’s share price.

Proven Communication Strategies for CPG Can Serve a Dual Purpose

CPG companies market to consumers through a wide range of channels, including television commercials, television and film product placements, online pay-per-click marketing, online affiliate marketing, social media influencer marketing and traditional press releases.

These same channels can be used to communicate with-prospective and existing shareholders.

Many new direct to consumer brands have found that using their consumer marketing channels to reach investors can be incredibly powerful.  Specifically, these channels can be used to market both Reg. A and Reg. D offerings.

For smaller companies with brand recognition issues to consider what product they are trying to sell. Large corporations have a lot of pull when it comes to marketing, and so one way for smaller companies to spread awareness of their brands is by piggybacking on larger groups’ ad campaigns. For example, suppose you’re in the business of creating computer software that caters to specific industries. In that case, another company in the same industry may want to partner with you so that they can advertise your product. This brings awareness of their brand and will also help attract investors trying to diversify their portfolio into a specific market niche.

By focusing our efforts on understanding your company and your brands, we carefully craft investor communications that will help attract investors to your CPG company. We do this by taking a whole market approach, understanding what is happening in the markets you serve and how your company is communicating to these groups. We then prepare investor communications to showcase your company’s newest developments and news and constantly inform the markets. By doing this, we increase the opportunities your company has to attract new investment via private offerings, increase traction to your stock, and provide additional liquidity to all investors.

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