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To Stay Relevant in the Current Environment, Health Care Companies Must Convey How They Are Innovating

Technology, Customer Demand For Value and Government Influence are All Driving Disruption

The US health care market is undergoing a period of unprecedented disruption. The emergence of new technology, consumer demand for value, and an increasing influence of government are all transforming this sector in a way never imagined.  

Yet within all of the disruption therein lies tremendous opportunity for companies that can innovate and adapt.

Our objective is to show the investment community how your company is capitalizing on current trends – and perhaps disrupting the market in your own way.

Developing an IR Campaign That Resonates in the Health Care Sector

Health care companies that are able to draw a correlation between their existing business model and already trending topics tend to realize the greatest results from their investor relations campaigns.

Below are four key trends in the health care sector that have built in investor interest.

1. Everywhere Care

Within the health care industry, the location of care is shifting from hospitals to lower-cost sites.

Cost pressures, consumer preferences, changing staffing models and technology have created a business case for care anytime, anywhere. Today, value-based care strategies such as ACOs and bundling, coupled with consumer preferences and increased cost-sharing, are driving consumers to seek care at lower-cost settings.

If your company is engaged in any aspect of the shift to “everywhere care” – we can help you tap into existing investor interest in this topic.

2. Wellness & Preventive Care

Philosophical change has caused health care companies to shift disease management from reactive to preventive.

Technological advances in the area of “big data” have made it possible for the precise identification of personal health risks. And self-directed services have emerged as low-cost tools to monitor and address those risks.  Further, new government incentives have been and continue to be built around preventative care.

If your company is engaged in any aspect of modern wellness and preventative care – we can help you tap in to existing investor interest in this topic.

3. Personalized Care

Today’s health care companies are shifting offerings from mass generalization to mass customization and precision.

Scientific advances have enabled a new level of care to be provided on a targeted and individualized basis. The widespread adoption of “personalized/precision care” will likely be made possible through offerings that integrate drugs and devices with low-cost diagnostics, disease management programs, and clinical decision support.

If your company is engaged in any aspect of personalized or precision care – we can help you tap in to existing investor interest in this topic.

4. Aging, Chronic, & End-of-Life Care

The health care industry is shifting its focus from institution-based aging to community-supported aging, and leveraging big data and personalization to manage chronic conditions.

As a wealthy, aging population has proven to be willing to pay for new services and individualized attention, a new health care model has emerged.  Patients are electing to received more individualized services without committing to long-term stays in hospitals or assisted living facilities. Specifically, in-home caregiver involvement has increased as patients, as well as their children, look for better solutions.  

If your company is engaged in any aspect of aging, chronic or end-of-life care – we can help you tap in to existing investor interest in this topic.

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