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Mining Companies Must Now Integrate Environmental, Social and Governance Principals Into Every Critical Decision. We Show Your Investors How You Are Doing It.

Mining Companies Now Have a New Target Audience: The Social Investor

Mineral and mining companies can no longer survive as singularly profit driven enterprises—they must be socially conscious as well.  Investors are demanding greater transparency into the true social, economic and environmental impact of companies this sector. And to retain investor trust, miners must embrace a commitment to surpassing the basic demands of regulatory compliance. 

Given the rise of the “social investor” today’s mining companies must actively communicate how they are operating in a socially conscious manner to maintain shareholder value.

Finding a Synergy Between Economic Performance and Social Progress

In the coming decade, the mining companies that find a way to leverage technology to deliver operational efficiency, while still making a positive socioeconomic impact, will rise to the top.

Executives know this.

Market analysts know this.

And most importantly, investors know this. 

This is why it is now essential for mining companies make their current and prospective shareholders aware of their environmental, social and governance game plan.

A Global Trend Toward “ESG” Investing

The global trend toward responsible investing has seen institutional asset managers as well as individual investors integrate environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) principles into their allocation methodology. All types of investors are focusing on how companies are addressing issues such as climate change, water management, health and safety, and the fair treatment of workers and communities. 

It should be noted that the surge in socially conscious investing is not simply an altruistic trend. Investors have become well aware that companies which fail to exceed compliance standards will inevitably face financial and reputational consequences.

Building Investor Trust

How can miners build greater trust with investors? By communicating how they have made critical social issues part of their every-day decision-making process.

Critical social issues can be defined not only as those issues that coincide with core ESG principles, but also those issues that coincide with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) introduced by the United Nations in 2015.  The SDGs aim is to address major global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice.

Since the SDGs were originally introduced, they have become a guiding light for many asset managers and investors around the world, who often expect these principles to be injected into the core philosophies of the businesses in which they invest.   

Companies that don’t prioritize these values may find themselves set to the side by an investment community that has become intensely focused on realizing both financial and social returns. In a survey of 347 institutional investors, BNP Paribas Securities Services found a growing number of asset owners and asset managers aligning their investments to the UN’s SDGs.

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