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Clear Communication Can Open Inroads To Investors Who Want To Fund Large Projects And Acquisitions In This Space

Oil & Gas Companies Must Address Three Major Challenges When Communicating with Their Investors

With new green initiatives being implemented at global, federal, state and local levels, companies within the oil and gas industry must convey how they plan to adapt to maintain the trust of their investor base.  

Without proper communication, oil and gas companies will be perceived as having (1) limited growth potential due to increasing alternative energy production, (2) high exposure to risk due to changing regulations, and (3) significant negative societal impacts due to harmful pollutants.  

Oil And Gas Glass Box Agency

A Modern Communications Strategy For Oil And Gas Companies

We help you answer the questions that your audience is not yet asking.

How have you positioned your business to capitalize on the current political and regulatory climate?   How are you “variablizing” your fixed costs, maintaining flexibility in your operations, and optimizing your capital allocation for the projects of tomorrow? How are you innovating to scale in spite of environmental headwinds? We give your investors this type of information in a narrative format that is modern, captivating and fosters engagement.

An Industry In Transition

In the coming years, many oil and gas companies will be looking to reinvent themselves by deploying capital with more discipline and refining their business models to address climate change.

The companies that maintain a stable share price through this transition will be those that properly communicate how they are leading.

Public oil and gas companies must convey how they are:

  • Streamlining and optimizing their resource portfolios
  • Attracting, training, and retaining key employees in a tight labor market
  • Coming to terms with environmental, social, and governance   requirements

Investors will no longer support traditional oil and gas development models. Producers will have to effectively explain how they are evolving.

Evidence Of Change

In 2020, British Petroleum said that by 2030 it would be producing 30 to 40 percent less oil and gas than it does now. It promised to end exploration for hydrocarbons in new countries and to increase tenfold its stake in “low-carbon investment.”

When BP made these statements, it essentially signaled to investors that it will be a leader in the transformation of its industry in the years ahead.

Other oil and gas companies that follow BP’s lead will likely be rewarded.  What experts once expected would be an oil industry transformation between 2050 and 2060 is now happening in the present.

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