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Early-Stage Tech Must Address Investor Preconceptions

Emerging technology companies are often perceived to have little chance of success against today’s tech titans in the areas of AI, digital transformation, software development for mass application, and breakthrough innovation in general.

But this preconception, more often than not, is ill-founded.

And it must be addressed by tech companies early on in the capital formation process. 

Throughout history, many of the world’s greatest technological innovations have come from early-stage companies lead by a core group of highly skilled team members, with a deep conviction in a singular vision, and unique ability to adapt to market changes.

Our goal is to make sure that your audience fully appreciates the caliber of your team and why they have come together in the pursuit of your company’s vision.  Further, we aim to highlight your team’s ability to adapt as technology rapidly evolves, political climates change and globalization continues.

Building Effective IR

Below are a few points that we aim to address throughout your investor communications.

1. What is Your Niche? Where is Your Niche Heading? And how do you play a role?

To start, you must be crystal clear regarding your specialization within your sector. Growth opportunities abound for tech companies that execute on all forms of digital transformation, but even more particularly in the areas of cloud, analytics, robotic process automation, AI, cybersecurity, and edge computing.  If you are engaged in an of theses, it will help to highlight that.  Further, you must define how your business will play a roll in the evolution of your niche. 


2. What are the major challenges that lie ahead within Your Sector? And how have you accounted for them?

Rising competitive pressures in the technology sector are placing a premium on speed, agility, and flexibility, with an emphasis on boosting automation, enabling real-time operations, and reimagining business models.  These are touch points that must be addressed with investors to give them the confidence that you have adequately planned to overcome the obsticles that confront most emerging tech companies

3. Have you built a business management team with the right attributes to succeed in today’s environment? 

Both direct and second market investors will commonly state that they prefer to invest in “quality management” as opposed to a specific product or service.  Today, however, “quality management” is no longer just another way of saying “management with pedigree.”  Quality management must be adaptable.  Quality management must be capable of course-correcting as the market shifts, as technology evolves, and as consumer and business demands change.  Today’s management must be creative and forward-thinking to succeed.  Essentially, this means that the best management teams will have a blend of traditional and entrepreneurial experience.  Within your investor communications, it is critical to highlight more than the pedegree of your team.  

4. What social impact is the technology industry expected to have in the near term? And how will your company play a roll? 

As AI and mechanical automation continue to evolve, some people fear a bleak and ominous future. They expect robots to fully replace humans in the workforce, and the gig economy to continue to erode wages.

Sometimes the world (including the investment community) needs to be reminded that the current technology revolution within which we are living actually has the power to improve our society over the long-term.

Technology can be a catalyst for positive social change.  Advances in this sector will likely continue to extend human life, continue to bring us together through a more connected society, and potentially give a large segment of our labor force the opportunity to engage in more meaningful work. 

As a technology company, it is critical to share how you will participate in driving the technology revolution for social good — as both retail and institutional investors are now seeking out financial as well as social returns more than ever.

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